Truly Unique Little Gems

Each of my dolls take a minimum of 6 hours to make and often much longer than this and I never make the same doll twice so you will be giving a new home to a unique creation with their own personality and charm.

They range in height from 20cm - 28cm and will fit perfectly into a favourite little nook in your home.  They also make perfect gifts too.

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This is Francine, a darling little girl who is extremely sleepy and loves her bed where she can cuddle up with her bear under a warm blanket, pull on her bunny mask and dream until morning. 



This is Bridget, a sweet little red haired girl who simply loves her bear.  She loves to dress up too and looks absolutely adorable in her little dress and hat.



A  beautiful Tilda Angel Doll.  

This little angel is a sewers dream in a pretty combination of soft greens and pinks.  Two layers of beautiful fabrics in her dress with ruffled hems and darling pink pantaloons with matching angel wings.  Complete with a miniature metal sewing machine, bobbins, scissors, flowers and ribbon.  She can sit with legs out straight or hanging over a shelf or she can be hung on a wall or cabinet with the wire hook fixed on her back.  Whichever way you choose to display her, she is sure to add a little charm your a room.

She is 42cm/16.5" tall



This is Dorielle which means 'Small Gift' and she has picked a little gift just for you. She is a charming and sweet girl who lives amongst the ferns and tree roots in the forest and is always on the look out for some of natures little trinkets for her dearest friends to treasure.



A  beautiful Tilda Angel Doll with an adorable angelic face who has been loving made in really beautiful shades of pink, white and yellow with floral decoration.

Two layers of beautiful fabrics in her dress which depict little pink birds, each with ruffled hems, a pale pink underskirt  and summery yellow pantaloons with matching angel wings. Delicate little flowers in matching shades decorate her dress, hair and pantaloons, she really is as pretty as a picture.

She can be hung or sitting.

She is 42cm/16.5" tall

More Little Gems Coming Soon!