Full of Delightful Charm

These adorable characters create a little magic at any time of the year, they don't just come out at Christmas you know!  This collection has a bit of everything, from those that love flowers, the bunny impersonaters, the aspiring chef, those that adore a snooze and so many more. They will fill the corners of your home with love, just waiting to surprise someone when they spot them hiding there.


I hope you find them as utterly charming as I do.

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A fabulous addition to any Jubilee celebration party, these Queens Guardsman are just adorable. Limited Edition, each wearing a Queens Guard uniform with belt, gold straps, arm decoration and of course no Queens Guard is complete without a faux bearskin hat. ONLY 2 LEFT



Fishy on a dishy - a fabulous guy who's got all he needs with him for a day out at sea catching his supper with a hat to keep the sun off his face and his trusty old rod. He's already caught some pretty fishes but I'm sure these won't  be his last!  




A glorious Spring & Summer inspired gnome in a pretty pink and blue combo with lots of floral charm and oodles of character. Navy & pink is such a pretty colour scheme and works beautifully together.  



This charming little fella is in love with love and has just baked a beautiful heart shaped cake which he is so eager to give to you. He would make the pefect Valentine, Anniversary or Wedding gift and add a touch of adorable cuteness to your kitchen - he may even inspire you to cook up some love too!



A true chocolate lover presenting his famous, freshly baked chocolate gateaux just for you.

Lovely blue and green colour combo, little guy is eager to please and but you must love chocoloate too!




An adorable little Bunny inspired Gnome with a giant pink fabric egg and a hat that is all bunny!  Gorgeous blue colours, bunny nose and even a fluffy tail on his wee derrière!



Precious wee gnome in his winter blue wool hat and gloves, complete with a large navy glittered star and pom pom.  All sure to keep out the cold along with his fluffy white merino wool beard.  



A little piece of Royalty, this cute little Queenie Gnome with beautiful satin & lace gown, gems and of course a crown is sure to add a touch of regal charm to any Jubilee celebration!




Happy in his dreams and sleeping peacefully with his plump pillow,  warm hat and adorable owl eye mask.  Tweet dreams are most definitely in the making with this gnome!  🦉



Beautiful shades of soft pink with pale grey make up this charming fella, complete with a beautiful white flower, candy stripe bows and fluffy pom pom.

Definately pretty in pink!



Adorable Love Gnome that would make the perfect Valentine, Wedding or Anniversary gift.


There are 2 available, each with a stitched XO XO banner with love hearts and cuteness galore.



A beautiful lemon yellow gnome who simply adores flowers, this charming gonk loves the scent of these handmade blooms in shades of mauve and blue with sparkly accents. He'd make a zesty and extremely cute addition to your home and gnomes simply love finding little nooks to hide themselves in ready to surprise someone when they spot them there.



A lover of flowers, this guy adores his blooms and he's picked one just for you. Dark pink wool hat and matching gloves with a beautiful blue coloured flower made from 100% wool felt, complete with a merino wool fluffy beard.